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Public Safety Broadband Demonstration Network

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Project Description

With sponsorship from NIST, NTIA, and DHS/OIC, the PSCR program—a joint effort between NIST/CTL and NTIA/ITS—has built a 700-MHz Band 14 PSBB Demonstration Network it operates to provide manufacturers and first responders a location for early deployment of their systems in a multi-vendor, neutral, host environment.


PSCR’s PSBB Demonstration Network provides a central and independent test bed/laboratory to help public safety understand 3GPP Band 14 LTE. Our Demonstration Network offers an objective forum for public safety to test and verify new capabilities.


Once a stakeholder’s CRADA has been executed (information here), the Demonstration Network has three major stages for stakeholder participation.

Stage Description Status
1 Create Network Test Plans — With stakeholder input, PSCR creates common test plans for all vendors and a common network deployment and coverage scheme. Phase 1 test plans have been developed for Macro Cell and Small Cell basic functionality. Phase 2 test plans are on indefinite hold.
2 Deploy Network Equipment — 1) Equipment is scheduled for delivery to site locations. 2) Coverage, network planning, site preparation is completed. 3) Systems are installed and commissioned. Stage 2 has been completed by several vendors.
3 Execute Network Test Plans and Demonstrate Network — Test plan execution takes place. This may be staggered into sub-phases as equipment and features become available. Network is available to perform system level testing and demonstrations. Stage 3 has been completed by several vendors.


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Public Safety Broadband Demonstration Network Testing

» The PSCR program has established a three-phase plan for testing and evaluation. In addition, PSCR is currently developing a conformance and performance test process with industry fora.

Network Identifier Guidelines Posted for the Public Safety 700 MHz Broadband Demonstration Network

» The PSCR program has posted network identifier guidelines with the intent of replicating the network identifier architecture required for a nationwide public safety network.

Demonstration Network Stakeholder Meetings

» 2010 – 2014 — Highlights, agenda, acronyms, and slide decks.

National Broadband Plan and the Demonstration Network

» March 16, 2010 — The National Broadband Plan calls for ERIC to collaborate with PSCR on research, development, testing, evaluation, and standards with both the public safety community and industry.

Google Earth Flyover of the Demonstration Network

» Watch a Google Earth flyover of the demonstration network.

Formal Participation Information for the Demonstration Network

» March 3, 2010 — Federal Register (Volume 75, Number 41).

Announcement of the Demonstration Network

» December 15, 2009 — “Public Safety 700-MHz Broadband Demonstration Network,” NIST Tech Beat.

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For more information, contact: Todd Bohling